Hi! I’m Melissa aka Mel

I‘m a wife to the most loving man, a mom to the three most adorable kids ever, and I even have a rescue mutt name Lulu!

You will find me posting about styles and fashion, a little luxury here and there, a bit of chaos of the family and all about living in God’s Grace!

I’ll intro my family:

  • Dustin is my husband of 15 years this May! We met the summer before my junior year in College. He was the boy from the beach and the vacation never ended! We got married May 21, 2005!
  • Sophia is my oldest, 6 in kindergarten
  • Caden is the middle, 4 in preschool
  • Evelyn is the youngest, 2 in preschool

So, with all that, let me just say that I hope I can help you find the perfect outfits, bring a little luxe into your life, and enjoy the ride of chaos and grace!

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