Friendships & Grace

1 Thessalonians 5:11 

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. 

Let’s talk Friendships and Grace for a moment! Friendships are such a gift, we get the chance to build a family out of mutual respect and love for each other, not just based on who we’re born with! Friends are the ones we go to with our highs and lows, we look to for advice and we reach out to for a shoulder to lean on. Some friendships can go years without talking and when you do, pick up like no time has past. Others take a day to day effort and a kind of “check in” with each other status.  Either way, it’s ok!! Even if you forget to check in or go even longer than planned, remember to extend a little Grace to yourself and your friend!! We all have things that come up, some of us have a family with kids, others don’t, either way, remember that you are friends and giving and receiving Grace can make even the smallest obstacle a little easier. We are all saved by Grace, we have been extended the greatest gift of Grace by our creator, be his instrument here on Earth. We are only here for a short time, be present and enjoy it. Social Media has a way of pitting women against each other, we are always comparing ourselves and trying to live up to unattainable expectations. I for one can admit I am living in daily chaos, my house may or may not be perfectly clean everyday, I love my kids, but my gosh they can drive me insane! I know at the end of the day, my real friends will not judge and just give me Grace and let me know I am doing alright! 

This is a tough time especially right now, people are acting crazy out of fear for the unknown. Let’s be patient with one another and be kind. If you’re a mom who stays home normally, it’s ok to hide in your closet for a few moments! If you’re a working mom who is now having to stay home for a while, don’t feel guilty if you are unhappy about it, you’re not alone! Just remember to wash your hands properly!

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