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So, just like many of you, I’m entering the world of homeschooling and have no idea what I’m doing. Yesterday was our first day since we actually had our spring break last week. We went to our lake house which was a pretty perfect spot to quarantine for a while, we were pretty secluded. It was nice to get away from the noise and chaos going on in the world even if just for a week. It gave us time to reflect and decide what we are going to do next as a family. School has been postponed for a couple of weeks for now, but it could be till the end of the year, we just don’t know. So like many other moms, my homeschool journey has begun! Yesterday I started out the day with reading time, breakfast, writing skills, exercise(my kids hung with me for a 30 minute HIIT workout!) and other skills throughout the day. I tried not to get bogged down with the stress of having to teach my kids and tried to just enjoy seeing my kids eyes light up when they conquered the skill presented! Today, I’m working on the same skill for myself, one skill at a time, little accomplishments!

We need to hang on to our faith & know that the Lord our God will be our strength. It’s ok to be scared, it’s ok to feel lost, it’s ok if you don’t have all the answers when your kids are asking why they can’t play with their friends or return to school. We are all in this together and need to be united in our strength with God and heed his words and impress them on our children’s hearts. They are our future and how we behave in times of crisis shows them we can either be kind, generous and compassionate or we can teach them to be stonehearted, greedy and insensitive. Let’s be considerate of each other, stay inside, do our part to prevent the spread. Even if you are not worried for yourself, think of the ones who have immune deficiencies & the elderly. Hold steadfast in the Lord, for with his strength, we can endure all things. Spread kindness, spread love, spread joy. . . Just from a minimum of 6ft! 

There are so many resources available to help you with homeschooling, I am linking some below that have schedules available and free printable which are such a blessing!

Also, Webster’s Pages has really beautiful planners and notebooks to help keep you organized and prepared!

linking homeschool resources:

Using my Webster’s Pages planner to schedule my kids’ homeschool days

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