Casual Friday

We take Casual Fridays very serious around here! Whether you are working from home or homeschooling, take it outside! (weather permitting of course) The change in scenery will do so much good, fresh air, a little sunshine and some outdoor activity is good for the body, mind, and soul! You can easily set up activities for your kids, here are some ideas:

Tape stained glass patterns with tape in your driveway, color in with chalk and remove the tape for gorgeous patterns!

Set up a large tic tac toe board with chalk for your kids (and you) to play

Set up an obstacle course, use slides, trampolines, buckets, balls, whatever sporting goods or things your kids play with, make it as hard or easy depending on your child’s age.

Have your kids use a jump rope and do small sprints up and down the driveway, my kids love it and like to compete on many they can do!

Send them on a scavenger hunt and teach them about the kinds of plants, birds, whatever is in your back yard!

The possibilities for outdoor activities and learning are pretty much endless, be creative and have fun with them!

Of course, make sure to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen!

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