Peaceful Mindset

Throwback Thursday to my favorite vacation with my husband! Koh Samui, Thailand! This pic reminds me of such a peaceful time, granted it was before I had kids so obviously more peaceful! Lol! It also brings back memories of kindness and generosity. It’s amazing the things we have been taking for granted, travel, social interaction, and the ability to explore other cultures. I am so ready to take my kids on adventures in other countries, not being able to, makes me realize all of the missed opportunities. Most of us live in our bubbles going about our same day to day actions, and that’s ok, but it’s also ok to want more! Want more for ourselves and our children! My husband and I were planning our trip to Paris this summer for just us, which has obviously been cancelled, but I’m honestly glad we didn’t get to go as planned. I want to take our kids with us on our next big trip! I want to show them the world and let them explore, we are not promised tomorrow, why wait?! I always said we will take them when they’re older, but why? Why wait? Live and love each day to the fullest! Only god knows how much time we have and moments like the one we are in now is hopefully temporary and we can move on to our next moment soon. I say moment, because in the grand scheme of our lifetime, this is just another fleeting moment, enjoy it while we can. Enjoy the time we have with our kids home, working from home, our spouses home, wave to your neighbors from afar, call and check in on your loved ones! We’re all in this together and this too shall pass friends! Hang in there! 
What are you doing to check in on loved ones? Plans for travel when this is over? Let me know in the comments!

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