Get Dressed up to Stay in

Show of hands, who else likes to get dressed up to stay in??!! I know some of us are struggling to find a routine these days, wearing pjs all day into the next, maybe changing from night pjs to day pjs, but playing a little dress up does wonders for your psyche! It’s the perfect excuse to wash AND DRY your hair, put on some makeup, order in some delicious food from your local take out or delivery, pop a bottle of champagne or whatever your preference and just enjoy your husband, family. . . or quiet!

Use this time as a way to reconnect with each other. Stay home, turn off the news, put your phones down and really listen to your spouse and your kids. We as women, as wives and mothers, it is our responsibility to be the heartbeat of the household. Our husbands stay strong, but their chaos meter flies off the charts in situations like these! We need to be calm in the storm for our kids and our family. Keeping a routine, workouts, healthy meals, and sleep schedules is so important in setting a calm foundation. Fill the house with Love and organized chaos. Be the chaos coordinator your family depends on and be proud of it!

I spent the day amongst kids activities, dog activities, husband’s schedule, re-organizing the kitchen, doing as much cleaning as possible without having the housekeepers right now, and then showered, shaved, washed and dried my hair, did my makeup, got dressed up to have a nice night in with champagne, dinner, and the most delicious Luxberry chocolate covered strawberries! It was a nice treat for the whole family, but mainly me!

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