Laundry, Laundry, Laundry

Can I be honest and really get real with y’all?? I try to be a good homemaker, but I hate laundry, like hate it with every inch of me! I’m embarrassed to admit, I hire someone to do my laundry for us, so with the Covid situation and shelter in place, I am having to do our laundry and I’m terrible at it! Please don’t judge me, we all have our weaknesses and this is mine, my husband finally accepted this weakness of mine after we had our 3rd child, Evelyn. He realized if he ever wanted his clothes washed, and folded, and put away in a timely manner, he was going to have to give in and let me hire our wonderful laundry lady. Now, 2 years later, we are stuck in this same pattern of me washing, putting the clothes in the dryer, and leaving them there to cycle on repeat to get the wrinkles out, for whenever we need something out of the dryer. Each time, I tell myself, “I will wash this load, dry, and fold right away and I will even put it all away!!” and then reality happens and there it sits, cycling over and over again in the dryer. Sorry, not sorry I say! I remind myself of all the fun I’m having with the kids, and the activities we are doing while the laundry waits, but then I feel guilty as I sit watching tv after dinner while the kids are asleep, and I think I should be folding laundry, so I do, and then it just sits in the basket! Why am I so bad at this??!! I love to cook, I clean, I don’t like to, but I’m not bad at it, what is going on with my homemaking skills that I just suck at laundry?! Please, for all of you laundry gurus out there, please give me some advice! How do you keep yourself from getting lost under piles and piles of it?!! And if you’re out there struggling like me, please let me know I’m not alone! Lol! Let others know they’re not alone!

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