Love them Dearly

Sometimes we forget how easy it is to just love them and let them be. In the thick of it, it can be hard, it can seem like forever, but oh how the days are short and the years go by so fast. It’s moments like these that make me slow down, take a deep breath and push pause on the fast moving chaos around us. My youngest has stopped napping and oh my goodness, does she still get cranky, but no one is holding her back! She can do it all just like sissy and big brudder! But oh how she finally collapses into the softest cuddle when she finally gives in to resting, even if she’s not actually down for a nap, she will just lay on me. Anywhere we are, in middle of the pool, she relies on me, her comfort, her peace, her solace, her Mother. Nothing in this life has been as sweet as raising my 3 babies with my endearing husband who so graciously and sneaky to me, not our daughter, Snapped this pic. It made me tear up a little that he caught this moment on camera, one mainly because he was actually watching us and thought to take the photo, but also because it truly shows the calm a simple cuddle can bring our children. Mamas, love your children fiercely, Godly, and unconditionally. It’s what we are created to do, it’s what God does for us, and what we need to pass on to our children. Love them Dearly and they will love dearly in return.

In the midst of a melt down, a simple cuddle was all it took.

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