Never let anyone Dull your Sparkle!

This has been a difficult week dealing with some family matters. I am away from my husband and kids, and I miss them terribly. I am so lucky and always amazed at the love and support my husband gives me. I am reminded yet again of God’s Grace today and that prayers get answered in his time. While out and about for a bit yesterday, I was at a Cracker Barrel in North Carolina and I found the perfect sign for me and it literally became a “sign” for what was to come! Keep your head up and always shine, no matter what! God is Good all the Time and all the Time God is Good! Never loose your sparkle, and know that you will have your moment to shine in his Time! Thank you all for your support and prayers, they are definitely being heard!

Sunday Verse

Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? 1 Corinthians 3:16
As I look upon my children playing in our backyard after church, I want so much to instill this verse in my children! To remind them that we are all made in God’s vision and that his spirit is in each of us. Their innocence and joy rings in each squeal of laughter and seeing their eyes light up from the feel of the breeze on this gorgeous day; I can’t help, but feel God’s Grace all around me and know that I am living the life meant for me! .
Happy Sunday and hope your February is starting off with so much joy! Spring is just around the corner and I am loving it!! I know today is the Super Bowl, so have fun, I hope your team wins!! Lol! As usual with sports, I’ll be watching the commercials and eating the yummy food! Good thing this dress has a little stretch!

Dress linked in my

Authentic Only

“Dupes” Dirty Little Secrets

My First Blog is in honor of January being Human Trafficking/Slavery awareness Month. I am writing this for those who may not know about the dirty little secret behind “Dupe” luxury bags and goods. You will never see me with a “Dupe” which is the new term for a faux bag or other luxury item. This is not because I’m a snob or too good, etc. . . It is simply for the reasons that one, I appreciate genuine luxury items, but mainly because of the terrible harm buying fake items cause. Not everyone can afford to buy authentic luxury items new from the store, but there are many reputable resellers and consignment boutiques that offer authentic at a much lower price. Please read on for more Information!

Hi! I’m Melissa aka Mel

I‘m a wife to the most loving man, a mom to the three most adorable kids ever, and I even have a rescue mutt name Lulu!

You will find me posting about styles and fashion, a little luxury here and there, a bit of chaos of the family and all about living in God’s Grace!

I’ll intro my family:

  • Dustin is my husband of 15 years this May! We met the summer before my junior year in College. He was the boy from the beach and the vacation never ended! We got married May 21, 2005!
  • Sophia is my oldest, 6 in kindergarten
  • Caden is the middle, 4 in preschool
  • Evelyn is the youngest, 2 in preschool

So, with all that, let me just say that I hope I can help you find the perfect outfits, bring a little luxe into your life, and enjoy the ride of chaos and grace!