Stay Active

So I decided to start a page dedicated to staying active, running, working out and overall a healthy lifestyle!

This is where I will be sharing my running miles, calories burned, tips and other workouts I enjoy! I’ll write about healthy & quick meals, and easy swaps!

I log my miles with the health app on my phone and use a myZone heart rate monitor with their app to track my calories and moves.

Would love for y’all to join in and log your workouts with me in the comments!

Starting off the week:

Sunday 6/28: I went for a 7.2 mile run and burned 798 Calories

Monday 6/29: I ran 5.6 miles and burned 570 calories

Tuesday 6/30: Ran 5.5 Miles Burned 566 Calories

I captured the screenshot of mileage later in the day, so it shows 6, but I my actual run was 5.5

Wednesday 7/1: ran 5.5 miles, burned 576 calories. I’ll be honest with y’all, even as an avid runner, some days are harder than others and today was one of those days. Each step felt like my legs weighed more than my whole body. I didn’t hydrate enough before my run and I didn’t get a good night’s sleep. These things definitely attribute to your running efficiency. A giveaway to know you’re not properly hydrated is when you get cramps early on in your run. A simple trick to ease the pressure in your diaphragm, is to lift your arm on the side that’s hurting while running, inhale deeply and release hard when you hit your stride on the same side. Breath through each step and find a pace you can continue till the pain diminishes.

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